It is hard to put in words how I feel about Jess & Tom - they are the kind of people that walk into your life and make an impact, they stay in your life and they make it better.

I met Jess a year ago when she came to me wanting to do a boudoir session as a gift for her fiancé who then was deployed to Afghanistan. She wanted him to be surprised when he came home, as she herself was getting deployed and wouldn’t be home to greet him. It was something that took a lot of courage for Jess as she has never done this kind of shoot before and also she wanted to make it more than just memorable, she wanted him to be able to look at them and smile, thinking of their upcoming wedding.

Back then Jessica didn’t know if they will have time to have a big wedding, because she knew as soon as she gets back they will get orders to move somewhere else, but she told me she wanted to do a couple's shoot if at all possible.

Mid way through her deployment I got an email from her that the wedding was going to happen, they had time for it and she wanted me to shoot it but the engagement photos will have to happen almost right after she gets back from her deployment. I was fine with that and couldn’t wait to see her again and to meet Tom.

When both of them walked in through my door 6 months later it was like we knew each other for years! I have missed Jess’s sweet personality and to see her with Tom was absolutely priceless. I immediately felt like I knew them forever, almost as if i was part of their family…We planned their session in Gruene, TX because it held a special place in their heart - a historic and very Texan town was definitely a dream to photograph - so we ventured out there and I got to see them in their element, doing what they do best, loving each other.