Valentine's Day Beauty

It seems like forever ago I wrote the last blog. And rightfully in today’s day and age, I am no longer relevant if I don’t keep my blogging up so I will just say one thing - I took a really long break for the move back to United States and acclimation. But now I am back and I come back with a beauty.

Meet Hannah!  

She is a natural.

She glows from within. 

And she is a fellow photographer too.  

I keep on wanting to write and write but I will just leave you with this: how amazing would it be to celebrate Valentines Day by celebration You! 

Boudoir is not just about being sensual - it is about YOU so let’s get together and have ourselves a Galentine!  



At the beginning of this year I pledged to myself I will not get behind on editing but I didn't get to keep my own promise and I have so much to catch up on. This past month has been a whirlwind of creative shoots, meeting wonderful people, amazing education opportunities and so much more. And as a result I am not posting fast enough. But I will get better, I promise.

One of my absolute favorite sessions was my first couple's boudoir I got to do last month. I wanted to keep it classy rather than hot and steamy and I wanted to recreate intimacy between my couple. So I set out to shoot a session I called a "Morning in a Life" where I would tell a story of two lovers who promised each other their hearts and souls. 

From quite and shy, to gentle and soft, to happy and loving, sexy and sensual, to silly and bold - here is the story of Malik & Sitan.