During our initial consultation Allison & Colton told me first hand: we are awkward and not photogenic. We also don’t show emotion - so good luck getting our portraits taken on our wedding day. They must have referred to another couple because I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get these beautiful portraits. They are also the sweetest couple I know and together we explored the botanical gardens, downtown Austin, shared laughs and captured amazing memories! I truly can’t wait for their wedding day this November!


I started writing this post about a hundred times, in my head, going over and over what I wanted to say, and each time I ended up writing an essay that no one will want to read. I am faced with a problem - how can I keep to a minimum the maximum emotion that fills me when I think of Isi & Zack? 

No matter what I do, I can't seem to keep it short, so here it goes. 

I met Isi about a week ago and after just a few hours of shooting her portraits and chatting in the car I couldn't wait to shoot her wedding. She inspired me to do more, to be better, and so I wanted to give back. 

Pulling everything together that was around the house I came up with a wedding suite for Isi & Zack that included an invite, a reception card, and a translated menu for their dinner, and decorated my whole living room in what I thought fit the wedding scene. I kept wondering how to perfect it so it matches Isabel's personality and also fits with the theme of their wedding. All this even before I met the groom - Zack...Because I only got to meet Zack a day before the wedding. How crazy is that? But just like Isi - Zack left such an amazing impression that I knew I will do everything and anything to make sure their big day is beautiful. 

And it was! Not even the hail and rain could ruin the day! Isi's laughter and her love for Zack lit up the sky - the cold and grey seemed to subside, and both of them radiated so much serenity and so much love that I couldn't get enough! The way Zack would look at Isabel, the way they joked with each other, the way their hands never let go - all of it was simply perfection.

They made me tear up so many times I was embarrassed of my lack of self control. 

I can honestly admit that this Tuesday I met LOVE all over again - I watched it dance, and kiss, and laugh, and fill the room, intoxicating everyone in her presence - and I was honored to document it!

Thank you so much my dear friends for letting me be a part of your day!

Congratulations again and I hope you enjoy these few of my favorite images!


With just a few days to go before Tim leaves the Army and goes back to the United States, he and his German fiancée Isabella didn't have a choice but to expedite their June planned wedding and trade in the lush summer greens for the ice beauty of snow.

I got to meet both Tim and Isabella only a day and a half before their courthouse wedding in Vilseck, Germany simply because with so little time to plan a wedding, they did not have anyone to photograph it.

Their family friends (and my amazing clients Roxy & Oscar) couldn't let that happen so they decided to give them a chance and asked me to record their special day. 

I was honored to do this for them and decide to go an extra mile and record more than just an elopement at the courthouse and I asked Richelle of Richelle Costa Photography to join me in this adventure.  

Congratulations to the happy newlyweds and here are our favorites from their BIG day.

Makeup: Sigrid's Nails, Hair and Spa

Ceremony: Vilseck Rathaus

Reception: Angerer Hotel, Vilseck, Germany  


As I wrapped up my wedding weekend, I got to begin my new week with something even more precious than the sanctity of matrimony. I welcomed a little 5 day old JB into my studio, accompanied by his charismatic parents and their best friend Maddie. 

Given this chilly November morning I couldn't have asked for a more perfect way to spend it. JB - short for Joshua James Ball Jr, was literary - a perfect baby, waking up like clockwork just to be fed and then right back into the sleepy slumber in the cozy wraps and blankets. His yawns, his smiles, even the little farts - we had it at all and the studio space was filled with constant 'aww' and 'oh my gosh' and 'he is so cute'! And rightfully he is! The cutest little boy that Jessica and Josh have created! 

Thank you for having me capture the beginning of his journey in this world!