Coming home from weeks of being away I was equally excited and scared. Full of new experiences, friends, and of course inspiration I was worried I wouldn't have a creative outlet. But then I had to just take a deep breath and remember that all I need to do is keep working, keep getting better and all will fall into place.

And it did!

Because I met Isi.

She came to me on a recommendation from social media and mutual friends and asked me if I could shoot her wedding - one she is putting together in two weeks time. I of course agreed and wanted nothing more but to help her as much as I possible could. I showed her my vision as a photographer and she showed me hers and it was like magic! I KNEW we were going to have an amazing time and I felt a sense of familiarity right of the bet - as if she was an old friend, and I was ready to do all in my power to make this wedding special for her. 

So we took off to explore Schloss Seehof together - why do a boring client consult indoors when you can feel like a princess, with the sun warming the skin and the wind whispering sweet nothings. I grabbed a rose for Isi as I was heading out of the house because something told me it will be an amazing accessory and boy was I right! Isi herself reminds me of a rose! She is tall, beautiful, sophisticated and yet very simple at the same time. She has natural beauty and I was so happy she allowed me to capture it on camera. It's like she was a princess transformed into a fairy somewhere during our spontaneous shoot. Maybe the wind whispered it to her...

And now looking back at these photos I am barely able to contain my excitement about her wedding coming up!

Thank you for dancing in the wind with me!


Makeup: Isabell Kerschbaumer

Hair: BearMooseandFox

Dress: Isi's own

Location: Schloss Seehof



Watching my little clients grow up is simply amazing and realizing they get so big so fast is also a little sad, because I inevitably think of how fast time flies. 

I met Erika & Phillip unofficially at a birthday party when Hazel was still in Erika's tummy. Then I got to meet Hazel when she was only 7 days new, and now she is rocking photo sessions with mom and on her own. Baby Hazel is the happiest little one I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with and these picture show exactly how happy she is and how much love she has for her parents. 

Here are my favorites of this 6 months old punk princess.