There are times in life when I look back and just go: WHOAH! I am so blessed and lucky! 

Sandra & Max's wedding (and engagement session and all the times we hung out before) are those moments in life that make me realize how amazing it is to be here, today, and do what I do!

I met Sandra & Max through a mutual friend at the beginning of the summer, and I couldn't believe it when they told me they wanted me to shoot their wedding. It was an honor and an amazing opportunity to experience a wedding of this size. With 150 guests and what seemed like multiple villages, the celebration was of significant grandeur. But to me the best part wasn't just the significance of this union: it was what I got from it -  a feeling of family and friendship.

From the quite bridal morning, to the insanity of the reception, everyone involved in this wedding helped make it even better. It truly was two families uniting, it was the most honest celebration of love with so much laughter and happiness that even I wanted to break into a dance (thankfully I contained myself). 

As I go through these photos of the day, I cannot help but smile, and my heart is full, and all I want to do is repeat it over and over again: Congratulations and Thank You Sandra & Max!

Here are just a few of my favorites from their day that I shot together with Kayla Williams from Heart and Soul Photography


Back in July, when Lena first came to me looking for a prospective photographer and designer for her November wedding, I was thrilled and anxious at the same time - November is a colder unpredictable month with not much foliage or day light and with crazy weather. My anxiety however went away a lot faster than I thought, as we started to plan out Lena and Josh's invitations and soon after I forgot entirely that time was flying and November was right around the corner.

This was the first time I was going to shoot with a second shooter and choosing the right person was no laughing matter. I never realized how hard it is to find someone who matches your style of photography, your philosophy, and your work ethic. So when I found Richelle, I knew we were going to create magic. 

Lena and Josh held their wedding in the 13th-century-built castle of Dagestein in Vilseck, Germany. When you talk about a legendary wedding, nothing could've beaten this location. Wood and stone of the castle are such a great combination with the lightness and happiness of the event. Lena chose her wedding to be in beautiful fall colors of marsala and sharkskin mixed in with some blush and eucalyptus green. Richelle and I were so excited to be a part of this wedding and through the process of planning we realized we couldn't have asked for a better bride and now a friend. 

Here are some of our favorites from the big day!

Second Shooter: Richelle Costa of Richelle Costa Photography




Brittini was one of the very first people I met here in Vilseck, when we moved into our house. Little did I know that only after a few short months of knowing each other her husband would deploy for a long time, leaving Brittni missing him to the moon and back.

It was almost fate that led me to the same gymnasium 9 months later where Joseph, Brittni's husband, was coming back to. When I saw Brittni there, nervous and excited all at the same time, all I wanted was to capture those precious moments of their reunion. 

Welcome back SPC. Martin! 


Watching my little clients grow up is simply amazing and realizing they get so big so fast is also a little sad, because I inevitably think of how fast time flies. 

I met Erika & Phillip unofficially at a birthday party when Hazel was still in Erika's tummy. Then I got to meet Hazel when she was only 7 days new, and now she is rocking photo sessions with mom and on her own. Baby Hazel is the happiest little one I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with and these picture show exactly how happy she is and how much love she has for her parents. 

Here are my favorites of this 6 months old punk princess.


I met Erin when her mom hired me to do her senior portraits. After a long consultation we created a session that was most representative of Erin today and who she strives to be in the future. She absolutely rocked her session!

Here are some of my favorites.