I am at a loss of words of how to describe this session! It was so beautiful and so full of love, that I feel like anything I say will only take away from the true feelings in these photos. So I will leave this session with beautiful Olivia, Michael & Aubrey right here, so like me, you can witness their family love and love for each other, as they celebrate their 4th anniversary and their daughters 2nd birthday! 

Thank you for making me fall in love with love all over again!


Watching my little clients grow up is simply amazing and realizing they get so big so fast is also a little sad, because I inevitably think of how fast time flies. 

I met Erika & Phillip unofficially at a birthday party when Hazel was still in Erika's tummy. Then I got to meet Hazel when she was only 7 days new, and now she is rocking photo sessions with mom and on her own. Baby Hazel is the happiest little one I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with and these picture show exactly how happy she is and how much love she has for her parents. 

Here are my favorites of this 6 months old punk princess.