I used to think that shooting a wedding by myself was an easy task until I realized that no matter how small the event is, it is ALWAYS better to have two people shooting. It’s not just about the different angles you can catch, or time management on an already busy and fully packed day. It is also about inspiration and creativity.

This is why I absolutely love second shooting as well as having a second shooter at my weddings. When I second shoot I know I am helping out but I also try to treat each wedding as if I was the one hired to be the lead. That doesn’t mean I disrespect my leads, it just means the dedication is the same, as well as responsibility. I try to make sure I capture perfect shots as much as I can but just from a slightly different point of view. Wouldn’t you want that for your wedding? But trust your lead photographers - they will always pick the right person to help during your big day.

Here is an amazing morning wedding I second shot for EmilyKimbroPhotography in San Antonio, Texas.