Each story I photograph is unique. Yet none compares to the story of Katie & Paolo. Let me tell you why.

I met Katie a little over a year ago when I did a model call for a personal project. Katie walked in to my home shining with happiness, giggling, as she brought in every piece of flowy clothing she owned. As we began shooting I was floored by her classic beauty - the kind of beauty I don’t think even Katie realizes she has. From portrait to portrait I was reminded of Botticelli’s Primavera and Venus, a Disney princess, and an 18th century noble woman. All in one. We could’ve been shooting all day long and while we did she told me about her life, her friends, her best friend and of course Paolo. A man who didn’t just hold her heart but was her home, her biggest love and her other half - so different from her but yet so much like her. And while we talked and worked I realized something. Katie wasn’t just happy by herself - she wanted to make sure she made everyone else happy. With every opportunity she reminded me of that as time went on. Wether it was making a home spotless, or helping with a huge event, or just listening to what you like and making sure to get it for you. I have never met someone like Katie before. It took me by surprise for sure and didn’t hit me until she asked me to photograph her wedding where I fully understood where all of that comes from. 

As we started wedding planning the very first thing Katie said to me was: I want everyone to have the best time.  

Her planning wasn’t about her. It was about everyone. She knew her biggest day will be amazing and she wanted to make sure it will be unforgettable to those who would join her and Paolo in celebrating their love.  

From personalized necklaces and robes, to an insane idea with two dresses to make sure Paolo gets to see all sides of her (the playful and the sexy) to making sure every single guest was greeted and taken care of upon arrival to arranging trips and amazing dinners that made her own wedding experience absolutely incredible. 

Katie would go all out no matter if she knew you her whole life or just a few days. But of course she wouldn’t be who she is without her partner in crime. Paolo - a man she chose and chooses every day - the kindest, most generous and loyal man. It was because of him Katie smiled from ear to ear and danced into my studio the first day we met. It was him she always thought of when she worked so hard. It was always him, her true soul mate and I feel so honored to have witnessed how big her love for him is. Neither of them ever needed words to describe their love. It was always present in a touch, a smile, a look, and even when apart - in acts of service. And of course I lack words to give their love justice. 

I can only hope that I was able to capture a glimpse of a fairytale that Paolo & Katie created and lived on their romantic, fun filled, crazy wedding getaway! 

I am more than honored and beyond grateful for having this opportunity and here is a small preview of the biggest and most important day for Paolo & Katie!