Maricruz met me at a local Bridal Show at the beginning of 2019 and hired me to document her wedding. She warned me that her fiancé will be gone for work most of the time before their wedding day, so all of the scheduling and decisions fell onto her. To be honest at first I got worried - how will she handle everything on her own? How will we get Scott comfortable once he is back if there is no time between his return and their wedding day - but as time went on I realized there is nothing to worry about.

After being together for 15 out 20 years they’ve known each other, it’s like they could read each others minds. While being polar opposites in personality, they are an exact match in their relationship as I discovered during our engagement shoot which we did two days before their wedding. TWO DAYS!

Here is a few of my favorite images we got to capture together this week and I cannot wait to shoot their wedding this upcoming weekend!