Discovering new ways

I love reading blogs but I have always been too lazy to write my own (despite the few entries). There are multiple reasons for why I don't do it too often - main one being: it itakes time and thought. But just recently I discovered a new, cool way to blog that I hope will keep these posts fresh, timely, and mostly entertaining. 

It always seemed so daunting to first write the text and then have to use a multitude of programs to add the right kind of pictures in the right kind of template (I have tried various solutions). Be it Lightroom or Photoshop, or a combination of both, it always required a multi-step process to create a simple template I would want for a blog. That alone always stopped me from wanting to post.

As I was browsing through my photography bookmarks, I decided to once again check out what profesionals in the industry use to market themselves and how they make their workflow faster. Running your own business means being efficient and I definitely am lacking in the efficiency department because everything just takes too long. So this was definitely long overdue.


This is when I stumbled upon a few neat programs that seem to be designed to make my life easier. One of these programs I already had - Photomechanic - a program that allows to cull images faster than Lighroom. And then there was BlogStomp! This isn't just a program to write blogs, and isn't even the main reason I got it. But because of its primary use it has a great function that would make any photographers life easy without sacrificing quality. This function is exporting to social media, primarily Facebook, without the loss of quality! 

No more pixilated images that the client isn't impressed by! This is time to say hello to publishing high quality images in a blog format in just a few seconds! I have to admit - this might sound like a promotional post BUT it is simply an honest opinion of a random user that just came to fall in love with simplicity and workflow of a great photography tool! Thank you BlogStomp!

Today I just couldn't be happier.

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