My model looks like she is about to walk off the screen, hey eyes are piercing through, and I feel like I am right there with her. Neither of these things are achieved with digital (and it has its reasons) without major understanding of what tweaks to make. And don’t get me wrong - I LOVE shooting digital, I just prefer film when it comes to portrait photography - its true magic.

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Valentine's Day Beauty

It seems like forever ago I wrote the last blog. And rightfully in today’s day and age, I am no longer relevant if I don’t keep my blogging up so I will just say one thing - I took a really long break for the move back to United States and acclimation. But now I am back and I come back with a beauty.

Meet Hannah!  

She is a natural.

She glows from within. 

And she is a fellow photographer too.  

I keep on wanting to write and write but I will just leave you with this: how amazing would it be to celebrate Valentines Day by celebration You! 

Boudoir is not just about being sensual - it is about YOU so let’s get together and have ourselves a Galentine!  



Here is a little bit of a personal post.

Ive been in need of some creative spark, or a reboot, as my vacation plans did not go as I hoped. So what is better than vacation? (Well maybe nothing but this definitely came second best!) It is to grab you beautiful photographer friend, and head out to pick some local blueberries (and btw, they are amazing!) at a small farm surrounded by nothing but sun and serene beauty of Bavarian fields and then grab some dinner while doing some city shooting. 

Thank you to my beautiful friend/model And O'Neal!

And here is my favorite photo of me courtesy of andionealphotography.com


I've been so busy lately that I honestly have been avoiding writing blogs. I didn't want it to be a tiresome text with some pictures that no one would read. I thought I will eventually get to point when I will write some amazing copy followed by mind blowing portraits and everyone will be in love! Well I definitely have some amazing photos to share, so let's hope I can keep the story up to par!

Adrianna and I go way back, we met around the time that both PCS'ed to Germany and for a long time it was random meetings in a dog park or at our mutual friends' house. And then one day I get a message asking me to do her in-home session. Back then I just lost my camera to the fountain incident so I couldn't do what she wanted me to do but I did come over to do a more in depth consult and see what specifically she had in mind. After a few hours had gone by I realized we no longer talked about her session but how I got into photography and what I do during my session, how I shoot, and so on. I can't remember the last time I was this excited to share my knowledge so I think we both just lost track of time. Almost a year later I found out that It was that visit that inspired Adrianna, and while she has already been shooting before, she now knew exactly how and what she wanted. It was this meeting, more than a year ago, that changed something inside of me, and I realized how amazing it is not just to learn, but also to share what I learn. I am no where near having enough knowledge to actually educate, but a big part of me is now even more driven, more sharing, and hopeful that I maybe I can inspire or pass on the little that I do know. And while I keep thinking up ways to do so ( and dreaming of my own shooting workshop), here are a few of my favorite images from Adrianna's graduation shoot. 

Make up artistry: Stefanie Coronas   


I started writing this post about a hundred times, in my head, going over and over what I wanted to say, and each time I ended up writing an essay that no one will want to read. I am faced with a problem - how can I keep to a minimum the maximum emotion that fills me when I think of Isi & Zack? 

No matter what I do, I can't seem to keep it short, so here it goes. 

I met Isi about a week ago and after just a few hours of shooting her portraits and chatting in the car I couldn't wait to shoot her wedding. She inspired me to do more, to be better, and so I wanted to give back. 

Pulling everything together that was around the house I came up with a wedding suite for Isi & Zack that included an invite, a reception card, and a translated menu for their dinner, and decorated my whole living room in what I thought fit the wedding scene. I kept wondering how to perfect it so it matches Isabel's personality and also fits with the theme of their wedding. All this even before I met the groom - Zack...Because I only got to meet Zack a day before the wedding. How crazy is that? But just like Isi - Zack left such an amazing impression that I knew I will do everything and anything to make sure their big day is beautiful. 

And it was! Not even the hail and rain could ruin the day! Isi's laughter and her love for Zack lit up the sky - the cold and grey seemed to subside, and both of them radiated so much serenity and so much love that I couldn't get enough! The way Zack would look at Isabel, the way they joked with each other, the way their hands never let go - all of it was simply perfection.

They made me tear up so many times I was embarrassed of my lack of self control. 

I can honestly admit that this Tuesday I met LOVE all over again - I watched it dance, and kiss, and laugh, and fill the room, intoxicating everyone in her presence - and I was honored to document it!

Thank you so much my dear friends for letting me be a part of your day!

Congratulations again and I hope you enjoy these few of my favorite images!


*Posting with client's permission*

I don't do boudoirs often, simply for the lack of space and open windows that will provide natural light that I require but Katie wanted to do something special and left all the creative to me, so I was kinda super excited.

Boudoirs are scary - client worries about revealing so much of herself and photographer worries about making the client comfortable and happy. This type of shoot is solely based on trust from the second you meet to the second the photos are given to the client. That trust is something I value greatly and that is why these are only a few photos from the session I am posting just to show you how beautiful Katie is and how much you can show without really showing. Because after all, being sexy isn't really about being naked. 


Makeup: Stefanie Coronas - Beauty & Cosmetic Artistry

Styling: Veronika Rayno