When Laura came for her consultation I was blown away but her soft and sweet personality, tiny body frame, and a soul filled with love for her husband Derek. We talked about her session and she asked me to capture more than just maternity photos. She asked me for couples photos - and as she said that tears started pouring down. She has been missing Derek for months as he was away training with the Army. So these photos were extra special to both Laura and Derek.


At the beginning of this year I pledged to myself I will not get behind on editing but I didn't get to keep my own promise and I have so much to catch up on. This past month has been a whirlwind of creative shoots, meeting wonderful people, amazing education opportunities and so much more. And as a result I am not posting fast enough. But I will get better, I promise.

One of my absolute favorite sessions was my first couple's boudoir I got to do last month. I wanted to keep it classy rather than hot and steamy and I wanted to recreate intimacy between my couple. So I set out to shoot a session I called a "Morning in a Life" where I would tell a story of two lovers who promised each other their hearts and souls. 

From quite and shy, to gentle and soft, to happy and loving, sexy and sensual, to silly and bold - here is the story of Malik & Sitan.