Since the first time I came to Texas about 6 years ago, just for a two week visit, I fell in love with the architecture of The beautiful city of San Antonio. The mix of different styles of romanesque revival with American, Spanish and Mexican influences made my eyes wonder and filled my heart with warmth and forever love for this city. It is a multidimensional place with a lot to offer in history of architecture. And this is also a place where I fell in love only to marry the man of my dreams a year later!

And here we are 6 Years later, taking a Labor Day trip with our pups (not pictured as it was too hot for them to be walking around). I had a family photo session in the Tea Garden, and the best day we decided to head out to Sea World as soon as it opened to avoid lines and people. It brought out the child in me, I was giddy and silly and loved every bit of it. But after leaving Sea World we still had time to kill before Ryan and the pups would have to head home (I was staying for work), so we wondered over to one of the Missions. This particular one is the Mission of San Jose - and it is simply magnificent - to imagine a whole community lives there at some point! 

I loved it so much that I want to go back and visit every Mission out there! Who is with me?  

Veronika RaynoComment