Those of us who see the world through a lens, often consider ourselves artists. We create what we believe is unique, infuse it with our knowledge, passion, emotion and of course our identity.

And we all seek inspiration.

Like a drug it gives us the power to do, to create, sometimes even to breathe.

And recently I noticed I don't function well without it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am fine without inspiration but my life is bland. It goes on and on, I get sucked into monotonous activities, I work, come home, cook, watch tv, go to bed and the day starts over. I am not alone in this.

Millions live their lives the same way, with weekend that they fill with less monotonous activities. But this is not whom I wanted to be and neither is it something I am proud of.

So I seek out inspiration, I need it like the air I breathe. I will spend hours watching videos, reading materials, practicing anything that can potentially lead me to my muse. I don’t always find it. And even when I do, I realize I lack skills to create something unique but I know once the fire is ignited - I can’t and won’t stop. Nothing ever feels like enough.

So I keep going.

Sometimes it is a very lonely road though. 

Recently I have been incredibly blessed. In search for my muse and my inspiration I met four amazing ladies! Each one different, each incredibly unique and each inspiring! Some of them remind me of my own best friends and the amazing times we have together. Each one of these ladies left me with a little bit of them, giving me not just a gift a friendship but also amazing memories that led to the art I created. It’s been a while since I did personal projects, but thanks to these girls I got to get back to me, look inside and see what inspires me (and stop comparing myself to others) as well as how can I challenge myself.

They gave me the power to dream again!