I often tell my couples - if you are going to spend money - spend it on capturing your memories - the party will eventually come to an end, the dress will be put away but your memories, photographed, will last your forever.  

What would you rather have, a grand party or forever memories? Or would you have both? How about a party to celebrate a union, captured in forever photographs, gifted by the best of friends?

This is how I met Lisa. 

In honor of her marriage to Joe, Lisa's friends gave her the best of gifts - photography on her wedding day.

It was about a week prior to the big day that I got to meet Lisa in person, and I was blown away but how sweet she is. Her home in a rural part of Texas, with horses and dogs, and so much love reminded me of something familiar. I came to find out Lisa is German, and I thought - what a crazy coincidence to continue to shoot my German weddings - here in Texas, no wonder I immediately felt so good in this home! I knew right there and then that I wanted to do something special for Lisa & Joe! After a quick talk about the day, the venue and the timeline, I could hardly wait for Saturday, May 26th to come, so I can make them a special invitation (Lisa told me she had none), meet Joe and capture the special day with a few extra hours than planned originally. 

And here are a few of our favorites from the day.

(This was also the first time I brought Ryan on a shoot with me. I am so proud of how well he did, and the amazing moments he captured)

Venue: The Vineyard at Florence

Dress: David’s Bridal  

Catering Coordinator: Pamela Dorton

Wedding Officiant: David Tropea

Photography: BearMoose&Fox

Second Shooter: Ryan Rayno

Invitation Design: Veronika Rayno