Have you ever laughed so much your face hurt and cried happy tears while the people in front of you shared moments of love and then at the end of the night as their car pulled away you felt imminent sadness? Well, this summarizes how I felt with Tara & David. 

It is so hard to put in words the bond we formed while shooting their maternity session but most of all they made me feel like a friend. While behind the camera I get to witness a lot - I see love stories unfold, old flames reignite, and with David and Tara I saw more than just love - there was commitment, determination, passion and respect all woven together into these two individuals. 

They told me they met while dancing (I later found out David is a Salsa Teacher) so I asked them if it would be ok for them to dance and me capture it on camera. They agreed and then blew me away! It was a complete transformation. There was no longer me, the camera, and them - it was JUST them in the magical palace of Eremitage. They danced and I was mesmerized. I felt like I was there - where they first met and fell in love!  

How amazing is it that two people in front of my camera, two people I just met can transport me into a different place and time just through their dance!! I only hope I can do the same for them through the images I have captured! 



Veronika RaynoComment