Coming home from weeks of being away I was equally excited and scared. Full of new experiences, friends, and of course inspiration I was worried I wouldn't have a creative outlet. But then I had to just take a deep breath and remember that all I need to do is keep working, keep getting better and all will fall into place.

And it did!

Because I met Isi.

She came to me on a recommendation from social media and mutual friends and asked me if I could shoot her wedding - one she is putting together in two weeks time. I of course agreed and wanted nothing more but to help her as much as I possible could. I showed her my vision as a photographer and she showed me hers and it was like magic! I KNEW we were going to have an amazing time and I felt a sense of familiarity right of the bet - as if she was an old friend, and I was ready to do all in my power to make this wedding special for her. 

So we took off to explore Schloss Seehof together - why do a boring client consult indoors when you can feel like a princess, with the sun warming the skin and the wind whispering sweet nothings. I grabbed a rose for Isi as I was heading out of the house because something told me it will be an amazing accessory and boy was I right! Isi herself reminds me of a rose! She is tall, beautiful, sophisticated and yet very simple at the same time. She has natural beauty and I was so happy she allowed me to capture it on camera. It's like she was a princess transformed into a fairy somewhere during our spontaneous shoot. Maybe the wind whispered it to her...

And now looking back at these photos I am barely able to contain my excitement about her wedding coming up!

Thank you for dancing in the wind with me!


Makeup: Isabell Kerschbaumer

Hair: BearMooseandFox

Dress: Isi's own

Location: Schloss Seehof