Woah! What a month!

February has been full of ups and downs and so many surprises!

So let me start from the beginning - a few of you may know about my recent passions but for those of you who don't - I've been an avid lover of film photography for a while now - one of my goals and resolutions for 2017 is to dive head first into shooting film and become a hybrid photographer. What is that you may ask? It's just a fancy way to say that I want to shoot digital and analog together. Well...a few weeks ago i took the plunge! I'm going to Milan to my first ever film photography workshop - three days of inspirational beauty and learning! I am kinda proud of myself. You might ask: how do you attend a film course when you only shoot digital? Well, a week ago I also purchased my first professional film camera and film rolls - it did get me thinking what I got myself into - but I don't regret it for a second! More so - I am in love with my new baby! It gives me an extra pep in my step (no it's not the weight of the camera, I promise), and it keeps me that much more excited for my march trip! But I'm getting way ahead of myself - so let me rewind to the first week of February when I held my first boudoir marathon - another decision I dived into. It's been on my mind for a year now because I just felt like people around me weren't getting to experience the beauty of boudoir the way it is meant to be. I've seen galleries, I've heard stories, and I saw it with m own eyes, what is out there in this market wasn't anywhere near how I imagined it to be so I figured I had something to offer. And what a success it was! What a great time we all had! Such beautiful women  - inside and out -came to my studio and I never had to have them wear less to show more - we showed as much as they were comfortable with and it was simply beautiful! I am in love with each one of my clients!

They opened up to me in such amazing ways and I am so incredibly proud of them! Doing this with them definitely got me thinking about what I would like to be doing in the future and what areas of photography I would like to focus on. 

But it wasn't just boudoir that I have been up to. I got to work with some amazing moms this month and I got to capture the true love of a mother. Be it love for a newborn baby or a big 9 months old almost-toddler - it is always amazing to capture the unique connection that only mother and a child can have. I would like to dedicate separate posts to each one of my recent moms so look out for them. 

Of course this wasn't all I did this month. I got to shoot a gorgeous wedding, and a beautiful girl who celebrated her 25th birthday by letting me take her portraits. I had the most amazing time and all of that in the span of 4 days! Can I just say I feel so blessed?! But this isn't everything still! I finally got to meet another fellow photographer (heard a lot about her for the past year) and she is a sweetheart for sure. I absolutely cannot get enough of meeting creative people and being inspired by them and through them! That is the beauty of my profession - I am not alone and being able to share the craft I love so much is beyond words!