New Year, New Beginnings

As this year began I stumbled upon a post by someone I didn't know but for some reason I decided to stop and read it. From the very first sentence it got me thinking - it talked about not dwelling on the year that has passed - as many of you may have experienced - it wasn't the greatest year. The post continued talking about reflection on the good of the past year and bringing in those moments into the new year and I wanted to do that with this blog post. 

I have shot a lot last year, as I was blessed to have amazing clients but even more so I was blessed with friendships that we have formed. I wanted to blog every session but this year I decided to revisit some of my work that I did not yet publish for you all to see. 

Here is my fall session that was born out of thin air - with almost no prep Shayna and I created this session together in Bayreuth and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed shooting it. 

Model: Shayna Carlos

Makeup and Hair: Shayna Carlos

Floral Skirt: Maddy's Girl 

Veronika RaynoComment