The world of miracles and magic

Often, after a session, I sit down to take a moment and reflect on my work, on myself, and on what I have achieved and yet have to achieve. And in that process I ask myself if what I have captured truely represents my style? And what is my style? Have I found it? And while I think about all those things I realize that the question I should be asking is: have I captured the essence of innocence and true life and love?  

When I photograph babies I take a few seconds just to look at them and quietly think out loud on how precious they are. They are a blank page - their story is just beginning to be writen, while mine is so far along. What will theirs be like?  

Each child is so different from the other but each share something with the others - they were made in love and their smiles while they dream reflect that.  

For gazing, you see, has its limits.
And the more gazed-upon world
wants to prosper in love.

Work of the eyes is done,
begin heart-work now
on those images in you, those captive ones;
for you conquered them: but you still don’t know them.
— Rainer Rilke

That's what makes every session truely magical and that's where I believe I find myself - capture a smile, or a sweet yawn, and sometimes even the cries - the true life of a newborn - that's my style.