I think nature and weather smile on Lena & Josh or they posses some crazy magical weather controlling powers. Remember their wedding a week ago? Well, the week leading up to their wedding was nothing but cooler temperatures, wind, and rain. I think it wasn't just myself and Richelle who were literary praying for the weather to change to at least no rain for the day of the wedding. We definitely must have not been the only ones praying because miraculously the BIG day was clear: no rain or crazy wind and we got through our outdoor portrait session with no issues (except getting cold and Richelle getting sick). The day after the wedding turned out to be chilly but sunny and oh so beautiful, I just couldn't stop smiling and thinking that it is all because Lena & Josh got married.

But back when Lena and I were still in the planning mode we knew we have to re-mix their engagement session or do something entirely different because Josh wasn't flying in early enough from California before the wedding. I also did not want to bother them during their one week together after the Big Day. But who was I kidding - Lena &Josh offered to do either session that same week, right after the wedding. I was more than excited until the rain came and didn't stop. 

We scheduled our session for Friday and I sat by my phone checking the weather all through thursday evening only to see quite a sad forecast. I decided to message Lena in the morning, still hoping for a chance to be able to shoot and as I opened my eyes on Friday I almost screamed from excitement - Bayreuth had no rain until 1pm so we had a chance. I don't remember getting dressed and ready to go as fast as I did on Friday morning and when my beautiful couple showed up at my house we headed out ready to make some magic. 

As we got to Bayreuth, Josh told me something that he just realized - Eremitage was where they had their first date five years ago! That almost made me tear up! How perfect was that! And guess what else was perfect?! The weather! We got blue skies and sun - in the middle of a rainy forecast, the weather gods have given us a chance to have fun documenting an epic engagement/newlywed session. I think I can take pictures of these two for the rest of my life!

Here are just a few of my favorites from our day.