Delicate moments

It's been a while since I posted anything about my most favorite job - that is to capture sacred moments of childhood, especially those very new ones of the mother and her baby. I am absolutely in love with all of my clients - they all are so amazing and vibrant, one so different from the other, and sometimes I can't get enough of taking their pictures and then I struggle with which to select for postproduction. This case in point - my latest newborn clients Erika, her amazing husband Phillip, and their spunky Baby Hazel Mae were a catch to photograph! 

To make this session even more wonderful I took upon a new journey in my photography - working with other vendors and expanding my team. A wonderful girl by the name of Khassidy Russell of Krush Baby Designs offered a collaboration to me where she would provide  newborn/child props to use during the sessions and later, she would use these photos to advertise her products in the shop. I couldn't be happier when I got to pick up the props - Khassidy is one of the most talented creatives I have met. She produces high quality hand made kids accessories that I simply couldn't wait to photograph. 

Hazel Mae Hubbard

Hazel Mae Hubbard

And boy do her accessories photograph well. They were their own stars of the photoshoot. It is always an incredible honor to meet talented people and get to work with them - it inspires me!  

Which it really did with this bourgeois family - I came back the second time (a month later) to shoot a small elegant 'mommy and me' session just to add a bit of my own 'flavor' to the photos. We all had such a great time getting dolled up and taking photos! 


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