Since the first time I came to Texas about 6 years ago, just for a two week visit, I fell in love with the architecture of The beautiful city of San Antonio. The mix of different styles of romanesque revival with American, Spanish and Mexican influences made my eyes wonder and filled my heart with warmth and forever love for this city. It is a multidimensional place with a lot to offer in history of architecture. And this is also a place where I fell in love only to marry the man of my dreams a year later!

And here we are 6 Years later, taking a Labor Day trip with our pups (not pictured as it was too hot for them to be walking around). I had a family photo session in the Tea Garden, and the best day we decided to head out to Sea World as soon as it opened to avoid lines and people. It brought out the child in me, I was giddy and silly and loved every bit of it. But after leaving Sea World we still had time to kill before Ryan and the pups would have to head home (I was staying for work), so we wondered over to one of the Missions. This particular one is the Mission of San Jose - and it is simply magnificent - to imagine a whole community lives there at some point! 

I loved it so much that I want to go back and visit every Mission out there! Who is with me?  


When Laura came for her consultation I was blown away but her soft and sweet personality, tiny body frame, and a soul filled with love for her husband Derek. We talked about her session and she asked me to capture more than just maternity photos. She asked me for couples photos - and as she said that tears started pouring down. She has been missing Derek for months as he was away training with the Army. So these photos were extra special to both Laura and Derek.


Every homecoming is different, and yet every homecoming is the same.

A homecoming is like a bare nerve- it is sensitive, it is painful, it is pulsating, and it feel like its about to tear.

And then comes that sweet moment -  a white bus off in the distance - and noise falls ... time stands still, and the atmosphere changes. 

Everything changes in that precious moment - because the wait is finally over. 

SPC Hall - welcome home! Gaby and Payton missed you so much! 



It was the longest wait - and the most emotional return. From constant rescheduling to an emotional rollercoaster, to finally a good day - the GREATEST day!

This Friday was the day Taylor and her babies got to welcome their soldier home. 

The air was filled with anticipation, and nervousness, and so much love - and as soon as a glimpse of the white bus was seen, tears started to fill up the eyes. Tears of joy and tears of relief. Tears of happiness. 

Welcome home SGT Elliott!


It was 2 A.M., the air was getting crispier, temperatures falling below 30 degrees but no matter how late or cold, you could feel the wave of warmth wash over you - warmth from all the raw emotion felt by the loved ones of the soldiers coming back from a long deployment. 

Time away is trying - long time away is indescribable.  So it is finally time to say: 

Welcome home SPC Royster!  You were missed!


I absolutely love photographing homecomings.

There is nothing like it in the world - so full of raw emotion. It even gets me from time to time and I'll notice I need to wipe away the tears.

Families get put through so much during deployments, it is hard to describe to anyone who is not part of that world. The tears, the joy, the hardship and loneliness - and of course the countless days, hours, minutes, that never seem to end  - but they do end and when that moment comes, there is no bigger joy than that experienced by the re-united family. 



Valentine's Day Beauty

It seems like forever ago I wrote the last blog. And rightfully in today’s day and age, I am no longer relevant if I don’t keep my blogging up so I will just say one thing - I took a really long break for the move back to United States and acclimation. But now I am back and I come back with a beauty.

Meet Hannah!  

She is a natural.

She glows from within. 

And she is a fellow photographer too.  

I keep on wanting to write and write but I will just leave you with this: how amazing would it be to celebrate Valentines Day by celebration You! 

Boudoir is not just about being sensual - it is about YOU so let’s get together and have ourselves a Galentine!  



There are times in life when I look back and just go: WHOAH! I am so blessed and lucky! 

Sandra & Max's wedding (and engagement session and all the times we hung out before) are those moments in life that make me realize how amazing it is to be here, today, and do what I do!

I met Sandra & Max through a mutual friend at the beginning of the summer, and I couldn't believe it when they told me they wanted me to shoot their wedding. It was an honor and an amazing opportunity to experience a wedding of this size. With 150 guests and what seemed like multiple villages, the celebration was of significant grandeur. But to me the best part wasn't just the significance of this union: it was what I got from it -  a feeling of family and friendship.

From the quite bridal morning, to the insanity of the reception, everyone involved in this wedding helped make it even better. It truly was two families uniting, it was the most honest celebration of love with so much laughter and happiness that even I wanted to break into a dance (thankfully I contained myself). 

As I go through these photos of the day, I cannot help but smile, and my heart is full, and all I want to do is repeat it over and over again: Congratulations and Thank You Sandra & Max!

Here are just a few of my favorites from their day that I shot together with Kayla Williams from Heart and Soul Photography