Hey there,

I am so glad that you are here. It means that like me you are full of adventure and desire to seek out the wonders of life.


Who is BearMoose&Fox? 


My name is Nika and I am the face behind the camera. I am a photographer, inspired by the magic of light, the intensity of your story, and the timelessness of love captured on film. My background in design and work in fashion are my guides when it comes to documenting life around me. My travels around the world fuel my inspiration, and my own heritage (I am born and raised in Russia) make me curious and excited about everyone I meet.

Often I get asked what does BearMoose&Fox stand for and how did I come up with it?

Well, I can’t take all the credit because it rightfully belongs to my husband, also my second shooter for our weddings. As a graphic designer - my career choice prior to photography, I was contracted to design a logo for a company and midway through working out of our then-temporary home, my husband started to talk about our future and what we wanted to do. We talked about different business ideas and somehow a lounge and a pub venture came to mind but we needed a name. As most times (more than I like to admit) we looked to our dog for inspiration and his coloring as well as his puppy stage gave the first part of the name - Moose. His canine buddies we were pet-sitting also contributed to the name, as one was a bright orange Aussie and looked just like a Fox, and the other - an older, heavier pitch black Labrador, that looked like a miniature Bear. And alas, BearMoose&Fox was born. At first as a whimsical bar, and now as a Fine Art Photography business.