What is fine art and why I choose film


My personal journey into wedding photography began with a desire to learn film. Something about images I kept coming across, always bringing me back for me, it is like they had a hold over me, but I couldn’t pin point what it was for the longest time. In the sea of photography styles, different editing, and personal touches, I knew there was something classic and timeless about film. It just made me feel different. And that is what drove me to purchase my first 35mm camera and begin this journey. Driven by the beauty of light here in Texas, I ventured into the world of medium format and now shoot most of my personal work on film, emulating that same look in my commissioned work. I want to capture the beauty light paints into a frame, the way old masters used to paint portraits onto a canvas - stopping you in your tracks and wondering how it was achieved. I would like to record YOUR memories the way you will treasure it forever, and as a photographer, it is important to me that you love the same look and have a similar style, so that we can create imagery that is true to you and always will be.

I am a constant learner as well, and being one I always discover something new about me, about my craft, and about the world around me. This also burned a fire within in me to teach my clients on how to get the best out of their photography. Inspired by fashion and design and all the knowledge I have gained thus far, I strive to educate my clients, help them, and of course look out for them when it comes to my photography. I would love nothing more but sit down and learn about you - this will inspire me and ignite the fire that is so needed in photography. So feel free to contact me about doing a session with me. I honestly can’t wait to meet you!